Amsterdam Series ~ Vegan Foodie Heaven

For my boyfriend and I, food never became a problem for us during our stay in Amsterdam. I’ve been a few times before with family as we have history, friends etc there so I wasn’t too clueless. If you’re Vegan you’ll know the struggles too well of going places that have little to no options for you, if you’re planning on going there any time soon this might be a good helping hand.

Stocking Our Apartment

So when we got there, the cupboards were stocked with herbs, plenty of pasta, rice, passata etc which are the perfect basics for bases of meals.
Luckily we had an Albert Heijn straight across the road so we stocked up on flour (for pancakes etc, cornflakes, a loaf of bread, fruit & veg (big bag of spinach, chopped onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, apples, bananas etc) then Alpro soya milk, over there they have this amazing ‘Red Fruits’ version which is TO DIE FOR. We often made pancakes consisting of just that milk & flour. They also do flavoured yoghurts in cartons which would be great with fruit & granola. They have a selection of meat substitutes too but beware as some have dairy, I would suggest you download the app Duolingo and scrub up on some basic vocabulary or make a list of words you’ll need, especially for talking to staff or checking ingredients (like dairy, meat, vegan etc). Their own brand of chocolate spread is vegan also! We also indulged in some vegan meats & cheese from The Vegetarian Butchers which we used in stir frys, curries & pastas, but I’ll go into detail about it later.

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