Scotland’s First VEGFEST. Glasgow ’15

HEY, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything I know, but it won’t happen again – I promise. In the length of time in between my previous blog post and this one, A LOT has happened, so be prepared for a lot of upcoming posts about my travels, favourite recipes, reviews and events. So for now you can sit back, relax and have a read of this.

It HAPPENED, IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED. Vegfest finally came to Scotland, and best of all my home city Glasgow. No, actually wait – BEST OF ALL on my Birthday (I turned 19 for those of you interested). What better way to spend the day (hungover) surrounded by good people, good food & good vibes.
I’ve been looking forward to Vegfest for months now and it got to the stage where I was more excited for it than my actual birthday.
Saturday morning was one big fluster of excitement, franticness due to how late we were running and some stressed parents over the insane weather (torrential wind, rain and a lot of flooding aka too much traffic).
We got there eventually, about 2 and a half hours after it had started so everything was in full swing.
So I went with my mum, her twin, my boyfriend Ilia and my friend Jordan who had kindly bought me a weekend ticket as a birthday gift so that was nice also.
We wandered around, did a loop of the hall first to get our bearings and plan what we would be eating/purchasing first and oh man there was so much.
The first thing we had was pizza – it was from the Sheese stall. There was Margherita – which Ilia had & one with Mortadella ham which I had. Both were divine and I was so impressed with how well the cheeses melted! We’ve bought many of their products in the past but never tried melting them so we stocked up well!


Not pictured – feta sheese which was SO good. The next thing we devoured were these Vegusto hotdogs, now I had only known Vegusto for doing cheese but these hot dogs were insanely good and probably the best I’ve had.  

 Something I was impressed by was the sheer amount of samples available, during the full weekend I probably consumed a meals worth of samples alone which I was totally okay with.

The next day was more of a day for purchasing (don’t get me wrong I was still consuming). This time I pulled my omni brother along.

From a shop called Chiara Lascura, I bought a bag with “Vegan Pizza Gang” on it and  several badges with logos “Vegan Killjoy” & “Cat cuddler” which were both accurate to an extent. 

I also got an amazing massage which I paid £10 for. I was just drifting off into a state of blissful zen and turned to my left to see my brother having his arms twisted over his head, getting his back bent over with violent cracks being made which did NOT look as blissful as mine. 

There was music and stand up comedy on which I wasn’t paying too much attention to as everything else was drawing me in a little too much for me to multitask my attention, however I do wish I had gone to see Dr Douglas Graham’s talks (athlete, raw foodist, author of The 80\10\10 Diet). 

My lunch consisted of a Soy Jerk Wrap, dumplings & plantains from a Vegan Carribbean food stall – which was divine. Ilia had the most amazing flatbread wrap from a world foods stall which both days had a never ending queue (not suprisingly) with falafel, shredded veg, hummus, pickled turnip & peri peri. 

 On the way out we couldn’t help but be pulled in by the Koko dairy free coconut milk stall, the offer on was 2 for £1… So yeah we bought 12 cartons (9 plain and 3 heavenly chocolate). They also do strawberry, as well as coconut oil, coconut butter style spread and several other great products.

On the way home in the car before passing out we all shared a heavenly blueberry cheesecake & my brother had an Oreo cupcake from Missy’s Vegan Cupcakes who were also selling Peanut butter pretzel & coconut maple bacon cupcakes – I KNOW. It was a struggle to not buy everything.  

There were hundreds of other stalls including Cool Jerk Vegan pies (macaroni, pulled jackfruit pies). Some of Glasgow’s best vegan cafe bars had food stalls including Mono, Stereo, The 78, Flying Duck & The Hug & Pint. There were lots of vegan beauty & skincare businesses as well as clothing too which was fun to browse. 

In conclusion It was a huge success, myself, my friends & family all had a blast and it made my birthday that little bit better. It’s a great event to go to with your loved ones or to even show your non vegan close ones what we aren’t missing out on.

Roll on next year!


Amsterdam Series ~ Gettin’ Down with the Dam

  As far as sightseeing goes, I’ve pretty much seen all of the most popular traditional landmarks, museums & monuments Amsterdam has to offer and trust me they’re all spectacular. I just can’t help but feel like the majority are overpriced and not so worth it. So this time round I thought we’d go see what actually appeals to us instead of feeling compelled to go somewhere because “it’s a must see” or “unmissable” and I’m so glad we stuck by this.
So before hand, of course we did some research so we had at least a rough idea of where we wanted to visit throughout the week, and the rest of our trips were pretty spur of the moment spontaneous adventures which worked out perfectly.

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Amsterdam Series ~ Vegan Foodie Heaven

For my boyfriend and I, food never became a problem for us during our stay in Amsterdam. I’ve been a few times before with family as we have history, friends etc there so I wasn’t too clueless. If you’re Vegan you’ll know the struggles too well of going places that have little to no options for you, if you’re planning on going there any time soon this might be a good helping hand.

Stocking Our Apartment

So when we got there, the cupboards were stocked with herbs, plenty of pasta, rice, passata etc which are the perfect basics for bases of meals.
Luckily we had an Albert Heijn straight across the road so we stocked up on flour (for pancakes etc, cornflakes, a loaf of bread, fruit & veg (big bag of spinach, chopped onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, apples, bananas etc) then Alpro soya milk, over there they have this amazing ‘Red Fruits’ version which is TO DIE FOR. We often made pancakes consisting of just that milk & flour. They also do flavoured yoghurts in cartons which would be great with fruit & granola. They have a selection of meat substitutes too but beware as some have dairy, I would suggest you download the app Duolingo and scrub up on some basic vocabulary or make a list of words you’ll need, especially for talking to staff or checking ingredients (like dairy, meat, vegan etc). Their own brand of chocolate spread is vegan also! We also indulged in some vegan meats & cheese from The Vegetarian Butchers which we used in stir frys, curries & pastas, but I’ll go into detail about it later.

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