Ruth Anna Kavanagh

To be perfectly honest, as cliche as it sounds I’ve never been great with bios & about sections so just bear with me on this. I’ll tell you what you might like to know and any other general things that should cover myself.18

I’m an ex art student and I’ve changed courses & jobs  more times than the weather changes a day in Glasgow. At the moment I’m taking a break, discovering what I want, planning, starting new projects & deciding what it is that I’m going to do with all of these opportunities I have.

I’m scottish born and bred, part Maltese, part Irish, I have big hair with a mind of it’s own and I love wearing clashing patterned clothing & big earrings. Currently living half in Glasgow, half in Edinburgh.
I’m incredibly passionate about Veganism, it’s changed all aspects of my life in the best ways possible . I love cooking and baking, for others, events, and just the pleasure of it, in fact I can’t go a day not having made or experimented with something without feeling there was something I had forgotten to do, becoming  Vegan also played a major role in this becoming a huge part of my life.10015646_741484885871248_2042012089_n

So I thought I’d bite the bullet and combine everything I love; Veganism, fashion, travel, design, health, my thoughts, advice, interests & opinions,  and merge them all together to create my little haven of a lifestyle blog that’ll help keep my mind from scattering and hopefully inspire, help out & interest some of you!

Yours Truly,

Ruthy Kav


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