Mini Cruelty Free Skincare/Haircare/Make-up Haul

For the past while I’ve been tending to only pick things up when I run out for example concealer, a cleanser etc. So recently I’ve been buying more products to try out as opposed to re stocking, because change is good…right? Right. A few of these things I purchased from Superdrug but my faaavourite favourite place to get new skincare to try out has got to be Tkmaxx. Theres a huge variety of products, one offs, or brands not common in regular shops like Boots, Superdrug, Frasers, Sephora (or whatever your most common local drugstore or department store chain is). Another great thing about buying from there is that it’s not only (almost always) a cheaper price than the RRP but they always stock lots of organic, natural cruelty free brands.


The first thing I picked up was this Korres Almond & Linseed Shampoo for dry/damaged hair. It retails for £10, in Tkmaxx it was £5.
First off, this SMELLS INCREDIBLE, like good enough to eat. Uhh I can’t stop smelling my hair whenever I’ve used it. I love this product, it’s free of parabens, paraffin wax, silicones, synthetic dyes, alcohol (everything nasty basically) and its 84.7% natural content. I have super sensitive skin so it’s easy for me to get a dried out scalp and frizzy hair from the harsh chemicals found in most hair products, and I tend to find that the more I use products of more natural origins in general, the softer and shinier my hair is, it also brings out my natural curls which I dig. Overall this is great, I’m desperate to get the matching conditioner and more of Korres’ products in general as I don’t have a lot from them.

On to skin care, I purchased 2 moisturisers. First being the Good Things Miracle Mattifier Moisturiser. Naturally my skin (especially my T-zone) is oily/combination – I got my mum’s mediterranean skin. This means that without topping up my make up with powder every hour or so, or using a setting spray, my make up slides off with ease daily.This doesn’t keep the oil at bay completely but it helps to a good extent! It’s not greasy or oily at all which is a refreshing change and it smells pretty good! It’s RRP is £7.99 but I purchased it in Tkmaxx for £4.99.

The second moisturiser I purchased from Tkmaxx is Organic Surge’s Nourishing Rose Day Cream (which I ironically have been using before bed). This retails for £21.50 however I paid a measly £4-6 ( I can’t quite remember). I am familiar with this brand as I recieved the Million Dollar anywhere balm in my The Vegan Kind Beauty box the other week, so when I spotted their products on the shelves at Tkmaxx I excitedly skipped down the aisle towards them. I love rose for one, the flower, the scent so that’s one of the first things about it that won me over. It’s’ super moisturising and I noticed a dramatic difference in how soft my skin was left feeling. – I also bought the Replenishing Facial Oil which I gave to my aunt and I’m now left regretting not getting myself one.


The last thing I purchased from Tkmaxx was the 100% Natural Origin Loose Powder by Physicians Formula I paid £3.99 which was such a steal, I had. This works out retailing at about £9.14 but to pick up 2. This powder is free of harsh chemicals, synthetic preservatives, parabens, GMOs, synthetic colours & fragrances which is pretty impressive (and difficult to come across). It comes in a nifty little tub with a sifter lid, mini kabuki brush and built in mirror. It has a great coverage too meaning you can double it up as a concealer replacement. I’ve heard lots about this brand and I’m glad I got the chance to get this powder as it’s the best I’ve used yet!

The next product I bought was also a powder, The Vivid Baked Highlighter by Makeup Revolution in the Shade ‘Peach Lights’, this was only £3.00. It comes in a few other shades and they have 5 other types of highlighters ranging from palettes to stick form which is a pretty impressive selection. I thought I’d give it a go and I’m really liking it so far, it’s a lovely colour, pretty sheer (which is better for highlighters in my opinion) and easy to build up. It’s brand I’ve never bought from before but I’m intrigued by some of their other products!

The last item I bought was MUA’s Eyeshadow Palette in ‘Undress Me Too’, similar to the shades in the Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay, and a pretty good dupe may I add . I’ve heard amazing things about their eyeshadows (I’ve only ever used one single colour) but I’m seriously impressed with the pigmentation and colour pay off for the price. The colours also remind me of the ‘Get Baked’ Palette by Urban Decay – one of my all time favourite discontinued palettes as well as the layout of Sleek’s palettes. I’d love to collect a few of their palettes and try them out so watch this space for future reviews!


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