Review: Part 2 ~ The Vegan Kind ~ Beauty Box

So as I mentioned in the previous part of this double review, I recently purchased each of The Vegan Kind’s subscription boxes. Today I’ll go through each of the items in the beauty box and my thoughts! First off, you may or may not know that I love my skincare and makeup, however since being Vegan I’m a lot more aware of the nasty, unsustainable things that are going into the products we use on our bodies as well as the awful things animals are having to endure for them to be decided “suitable” for us to use. This means I’m constantly on the look out for new cruelty free, ethical brands and products to try out so I thought this subscription box would be right up my street.

he first item I tried out was the Million Dollar Balm by Organic Surge. It’s 100% natural meaning it’s free of any harsh chemicals, parabens, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, artificial fragrances and colourants (all the nasty things you don’t want and usually get in balms and moisturizers). It’s pretty much the ideal multitasker, it’s perfect for nourishing and softening areas that tend to get dry, cracked and irritated like nails and hands in general, heels, elbows, lips (our most used and vital limbs!). Organic Surge also donates $1 to Kenya Children’s Home for every ‘Million Dollar’ product sold which is amazing! This balm works wonders and I’d pick it over my regular body lotion in a second.

This Candy Cane Lip Balm by Fairy Pants was actually the first product I tried out and is one of my favourites! Fairy Pants is a small, quirky independent business that sell handmade vegan cosmetics, skincare, perfume, jewellery and hair accessories. This lip balm is right up my street, minty with a hint of vanilla and it glides on like butter (thanks to the Shea Butter, Jojoba wax & sweet almond oil). It leaves your lips feeling smooth and silky as well as tingly, not to mention smelling amazing. They have other unusual but delicious flavours including Cherry Bakewell, Mojito, Key Lime Pie, Sticky Toffee Pudding and Irish Cream. Different from any lip balms I’ve seen out there in the best way possible.

The next item I received was the Skin Support Facial Steam Bath by Freya Luna. It’s a blend of dried Lavender & Chamomile alongside lemon balm and rose petals. This blend is great for all skin types to help maintain healthy skin, the blend is said to promote the growth of new skin cells, leaving it soft, supple and helps balances out natural sebum (in areas like the t zone etc). You basically empty the sachet into a bowl of warm water (I know it’s difficult to part with the beautiful flowers but trust me it’s worth it) then steam your face for around 10 minutes and enjoy the therapeutic bliss of the botanical smell and soothing feel, I felt like 10 minutes wasn’t enough! This was a lovely product, it was a refreshing change to a face mask or any other facial steam I’ve tried and I’d definitely try the other variation.

Another product that came in this box was the Lip & Cheek Colour by B. Vibrant in the shade ‘Orient’. I’ve noticed this brand in Superdrug a few times in passing and I’ve been meaning to try out their products as I’ve heard nothing but great reviews. I love that these ‘chubby pencils’ are so versatile, the colour is blendable and so convenient for changing your lip/cheek colour from sheer & subtle to a more striking statement look. It’s a twist up pencil meaning no awkward sharpening and they’re very generous with how much they give you. I’m usually a strictly matte lip kinda girl but this is different from most glossy or moisturising lipsticks, it has a soft natural finish that isn’t over the top or greasy which I’m impressed by. I don’t usually wear blush either but this was easy to work with and looked lovely applied with a stippling brush. The shade is a beautiful mid tone red that I feel would suit any skin tone. So it’s safe to say I’ll be checking B. Vibrant’s other products!

The final item is the DIVA Rose Water Toner for sensitive skin by Peppy Galore (now known for the blog You cannot purchase this any longer but there is a tutorial here on how to make your very own which I’ll be trying out in the future! I love toners. I think they’re a great way to finish off your skincare routine after removing your makeup to get into any nooks and crannies or even just to clean off any residue thats collected on your face throughout the day if you don’t wear any. In this toner is just 100% rose water. Yep, that’s it. No alcohol or artificial fragrances. I love rose, it’s been known to help calm sensitive and irritated skin along with having that lovely botanical, fresh smell. It’s great to use before bed & it’s also recommended to use during the day as a refreshing facial mist (I think would work wonders in summer). This really soothed my skin and I’d love to try out making the other variations.

This box is great if you’re keen on experimenting, also branching out and being introduced to new brands and types of cosmetics and skin care products like myself. A new one comes out 4 times a year which in my opinion is plenty seeing as you’re getting full size products. You also know that anything you receive in this box is going to be beneficial for you as they’re all cruelty free, as well as free from all the harsh chemicals most companies load their products with, which isn’t always easy to come by. It’s definitely worth the money and I’m excited to see what the next box has to offer!


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