Review: PART 1 ~ The Vegan Kind ~ Lifestyle Box (December ’14)

So last weekend I attended The Flying Duck’s ‘Big Vegan Fete’ which comes round every other month, and I was drawn in to one of the stalls in particular, being The Vegan Kind’s. I follow The Vegan Kind on all of their social media platforms and have heard great things about them, I also love the concept of making new or not so popular amazing vegan, cruelty free beauty and lifestyle products more readily available!

I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try them both out, so I took the plunge and purchased them both along with a lovely cotton graphic tote bag!

Starting with the monthly lifestyle box, it came with 6 products in total, plus a bonus collectible recipe card.

The first product is these new Gluten Free Sweet Biscuits by the brand Olivebranch. THESE ARE AMAZING and I need a life time supply asap. They’re also (to name a few);Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Wheat Free, GM Free, Soy Free, Egg Free & Preservative Free. They’re Greek and baked in Olive Oil, mine came in the Orange flavour, but there is also Cinnamon and Almond & Clove which I think would be divine, 10/10 highly recommend, they also come in a nifty re sealable bag.

The next product is this 100% natural, organic Peppermint & Aloe Vera Toothpaste by Green People. I am aware that they do several other variations of toothpastes for the family as well as other products for the skin, body, hair & make-up. What I love about this is, unlike most toothpastes the ingredients are all of natural origin, I can read the back of the packet and it doesn’t feel like I’m reading another language. There are no harsh foaming agents, no fluoride, artificial flavours, colourings, sweeteners or preservatives. It also doesn’t come with that eye wateringly strong, overpowering scent and taste that most toothpastes have, it’s subtle, clean and does the job.

Next item that came in the box is this Jingle Bells Christmas themed candle by the charming all Vegan Harper’s Candles. They have a wonderful range of candles, all made using a high grade soya wax made from 100 percent sustainable resources. They also have a range of charity candles, where they generously donate a good amount to dog sanctuaries. I love the packaging for this candle, it’s neutral & unisex but charming and quirky, unlike most tacky and environmentally UNfriendly candles on the market these days, it has a clean burn and the scent isn’t artificial or too pungent. Its super refreshing and lingers for hours.I’d love to try more of these!

This packet of Gingerbread Topper’s by Wholeplus is the next product I tried. Theres a wide range of flavours of the toppers and they’re all super nutritious, vegan, refined sugar free and all natural. I think the concept behind this product is great, you can use the toppers on porridge, cereal, yoghurt, use them in baking or make snack balls from them! The gingerbread flavour smells & tastes so festive and warming, perfect in oats or on toast with pb. I also love the fact that they’re all superfood rich as well as really tasty.

The last 2 things in the box were from Teatonics, an ethical tea company that produce natural, organic, botanical blends using loose flowers & whole leaves sealed in tea bags. The samples in the box were of their two blends; Laid-Back Botanics (Green Rooibos with hops, elderflower, chamomile & lavender) and Mind-Awakening Yerba Mate (Yerba mate with grapefruit, citrus peel, peppermint & rosehips). So in essence you have a wind down, curl up with a book in the evening tea, and a fresh as a daisy with your breakfast and newspaper wake me up tea. I loved them both. Both left me feeling fresh, different flavours from other blends of teas I’ve tried but I feel like these would be a lovely addition to my tea cupboard.

All in all I’m pretty much sold on this subscription box! It’s affordable and has a lovely range of different things you’d use on a daily basis and they’re all great quality and contain natural and sustainable ingredients.


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